Thank you for your interest in helping with our festival!

We offer volunteers two different ways of helping with the festival:

  1. 3 hours a day and participation in the festival for € 250.00
  2. 6 hours a day and participation in the festival is free

Your areas of application include slicing fruit and vegetables, preparations, sorting fruits, washing dishes, pressing oranges, taking photos and videos, being there for the participants and their wishes, building and dismantling infrastructure, etc.

What you bring with you:

  • very good knowledge of English
  • quick comprehension
  • You can keep calm and work quickly even under time pressure
  • physical resilience
  • sociable, teamworking and communicative
  • you can decide fast which work is urgent and which is not
  • flexibility
  • Catering/restaurant experience (not mandatory)

You meet our requirements and want to help at the most delicious fruit festival in Europe?
Then we look forward to your message. If we think you will fit well into our team, we will contact you by email. Please take a few minutes now and fill in the form below!

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